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How to Start a Natural Hair Braiding Business From Home

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This is a straight forward, no nonsense guide to getting your own hair braiding business off the ground. Start right from the comfort of your own home and expand as your business grows.

This is a lucrative, amazing opportunity to make money from home and earn a living for you and your family.

In many states across America, you no longer need a full cosmetology license to service clients in the art of natural hair braiding.

While some states do require a special hair braiding license, others require no licensure at all! If you have the skills to braid hair or are willing to learn and the drive to become an entrepreneur, start your own natural hair braiding business from home today!

I wrote this guide back in 2017 when I self-published it on Amazon, but I feel the need and drive for entrepreneurship is thriving so much that I wanted to add it here on my Etsy Shop as well!

These same principles can be applied to learning about dread locs and offering services for people who need theirs maintained as well. Check with your state to see if there are any requirements in your home town or maybe even consider an apprenticeship to learn and get some great skills under your belt.

**Please note, this is not a guide on "how to braid." Assuming you already know how, it is a guide to get the business set up and start offering the service**

If you're interested in this business, I hope you take the leap (safely) and I'm wishing you success and happiness in your business :-)
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